If you have reliable transportation and an iPhone or Android phone you can start making cash doing deliveries around the city:

  1. To become a Sherpa, you have to register here with your first name / last name / email address / type of vehicle / type of phone.
  2. Once you click register, you'll receive a confirmation link in your inbox which prompts you to login to your account on desktop and fill out profile picture / valid photo ID / Bank details or PayPal Account (so we can pay you) and your ABN.
  3. Read the Contractor Agreement + the Onboarding Manual and tick the boxes (under My Account / Profile)
    Pass this online quiz about the Onboarding Manual (must achieve 90% to move to last step)
    Book a 2-min call so we can check your English
  4. Once your profile has been approved, you'll be able to download the Sherpa Driver app and log into it to accept deliveries.

Sherpa Driver app for iPhone

Sherpa Driver app for Android 4.0.3 and up