Once you are signed in to the app, mark yourself as active to see all open deliveries. Make sure your Sherpa notifications are switched on and enable location services.

If a delivery pops up and you want to accept it, first make sure that you are able to start the job now and that you will have a sufficient amount of time to complete the delivery.

The delivery details will be accessible in the ‘Jobs List’ section.

Once you arrive at the pickup location, be friendly and present yourself as a Sherpa and say you’re here to pick the item in question. Once you’ve picked up the item, go to the app and mark the item as ‘Picked up’. The map will then display the delivery address.

Once you’ve arrived at the delivery location, ask for the recipient and make sure you are delivering the item to the right person. You will need to provide proof of delivery, that can either be done through a signature or a picture.

Signature: a blank area will appear where the user has to sign using the tip of his finger. Underneath that area is another blank section where you need to enter the full name of the recipient. Use this option when the recipient is at the delivery location.

Picture: use this option if the recipient is not at the delivery location and you’ve checked with the user that it’s ok to leave the item unattended. Then all you have to do is upload a picture that clearly shows where you’ve left the item. Make sure you’ve placed the item in a secure area where other people can’t see it. If there is no safe place to leave the item, contact the client and ask them what they want you to do with the item.