As per your contractor agreement, you are required to adhere to the responsible service of alcohol laws (RSA) in a delivery context.

Although you as a driver are not required to hold an RSA, Sherpa Pty Ltd is bound by these rules and must ensure that you are trained to adhere to RSA laws.

RSA Adherence in the context of delivery requires that you:

  1. Do not deliver alcohol to anyone under the age of 18
  2. Recognise signs of intoxication and do not provide anyone with alcohol if intoxication is established

Fines of up to $11,000 can apply if you are found providing alcohol to minor or to an intoxicated person.

  1. If the individual answering the door at the delivery address looks under 25 years of age, always ask for ID. If the person is over 18, photograph ID using the proof of the delivery function.
  2. If the individual is under 18, do not in any circumstances leave the alcohol. You must return it to the shop. You will be paid for the return delivery.
  3. If the person who ordered the alcohol is not the person who answered the door but they claim that it’s for someone else; ask to see the person who ordered the alcohol. If that person is not here, ask the individual at the door to show ID. Failure to provide ID or being underage requires you to take the items back to the store.
  4. If you arrive and the person if noticeably intoxicated or if you suspect intoxication, then you must in no circumstances leave the alcohol. Politely refuse to leave the alcohol and say you are required by law to return the alcohol to the store.

Here are some signs that will help you discern whether or not a person is intoxicated:

What’s a valid ID?

There are only 3 types of valid ID that you can accept: 

  1. A valid Australian driver’s license or international equivalent
  2. A valid Proof of Age card
  3. A valid Passport